Improve your complexion, get longer lashes, and gain confidence! MG Dentistry offers top of the line products that target your skin care goals.

IMAGE Skincare

IMAGE Skincare is a medical-grade line of skincare products dedicated to offering safe, effective products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens. Learn More ›


Grow longer, fuller, darker lashes in as little as 2 months. Learn More ›

Clarisonic Cleansing System

The Clarisonic Cleansing System improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of pore size, and helps skin care products work their best. Learn More ›

Expect a one-on-one relationship when you visit MG Dentistry & Rejuvenation. We treat our patients like family.

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"I've made great friends with the staff. They are very pleasant, kind, and always treat me very well."

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"They are very professional. If you have an appointment, they're always on time. You're never waiting, they never cancel your appointment."

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"From the moment you walk in the door, they are very friendly. Her (Dr. Gracias) staff is very knowledgable, I feel like part of the family."

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