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Problem Focused Rejuvenating Treatments


IPL also known as Photo Facial is a laser treatment which uses light energy to lessen the appearance of sun damage, age spots, pigmentation issues, broken capillaries, and redness associated with Rosacea.

Titan: Skin In A New Light

The Cutera Titan® gives you an all-natural option to enhance skin tone. Titan uses light energy to heat the dermis deep beneath your skin’s surface. Without surgery, recovery time, or injections, Titan is an ideal solution for your face, abdomen, arms and more. More about Titan ›


Truscult is the latest noninvasive no downtime technology that addresses body concerns. Truscuplt is clinically proven to deliver deep, uniform heating to all body areas with comfort and ease.  Lift, tighten, and shrink those pesky areas of fat that can’t be resolved with diet and exercise.


Polish away dry damaged skin with this gentle exfoliation.  Vibraderm heals, prevents acne, minimizes pore size, diminishes fine lines and sun spots.  This rejuvenation therapy is perfect for all skin types.

O2 Lift

O2 Lift is a luxurious skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant cells, peptides & a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving you luminous, refreshed & rejuvenated. 

Opti-Firm Eye-Rescue Masque

Seaweed eye masque clinically proven to combat signs of aging eyes.  Calms puffiness, tightens, and brightens delicate eye areas.


A treatment which removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and glowing.  Add an enzyme peel to enhance the brightening and anti-aging results. 

Hydrodermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion (HydraFacial)

Diamond tip microderm simultaneously polishes away dead skin and skin impurities while infusing the skin with a customized serum of essential vitamins. Oxygen is then infused into the skin to promote hydration and vital nutrients for healthier, brighter skin.


New Age Microneedles and growth factors create thicker and healthier dermis. Great for smoothing away fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

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