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TruSculpt Treatment

A Non-Invasive Treatment for a NEW YOU! Now there is a simple, comfortable way to deeply heat the subcutaneous tissue! The truSculpt™ system, a breakthrough non-invasive radio frequency technology, is now available to you.

Your body should reflect your lifestyle, but sometimes, lumpy fat and cellulite persist regardless of how fit and healthy you are.

Get Results with Just Two Sessions

With just 2 Sessions of TruSculpt fat reduction and cellulite treatments, you can temporarily reduce the appearance of dimples, bumps, and bulges in the biggest problem areas:

  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • arms
  • … and other stubborn areas

There’s no downtime, no surgery, and side effects are mild, if any.

TruSculpt delivers deep heating directly to the subcutaneous tissue for noninvasive body sculpting and shaping. The device uses radiofrequency energy to selectively disrupt fat cells without damaging the epidermis. Treatments are delivered via the TruSculpt Dual Handpiece Systems that allows our skilled practitioners to tailor the treatments to the individual patient needs and the individual treatment area.

To learn more about your options for fat and cellulite reduction or to request a personal consultation to explore the options available to you call us at 312-236-3633. Or, contact us about TruSculpt ›

Expect a one-on-one relationship when you visit MG Dentistry & Rejuvenation. We treat our patients like family.

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