Invisalign is the use of a series of custom, computer designed and manufactured, removable, clear plastic aligners that moves your teeth in a manner similar to that of conventional bracket and wire braces.

This proven, state of the art technique is ideal for adults who wish to improve their smiles and their dental health, and don’t necessarily want the whole world to know about it. Additionally, Invisalign allows ease of home care, a factor which makes conventional bracket and band orthodontic treatment undesirable for many. Finally, since the aligners are removable, they pose no problems to eating, drinking, speaking, brushing or flossing

Invisalign is comfortable to wear and easy to live with. You visit us every 4-6 weeks to check your progression and get new aligners. Average treatment time is about a year and can correct a broad range of dental issues such as crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites, deep bites, and open bites.

Invisalign offers a straightforward solution to a healthier smile. Straightening your teeth can make a significant difference to having a healthy mouth and keeping your teeth for life. When teeth are not aligned properly you have a maloccusion. If this is left untreated it can lead to periodontal disease and premature wear of the teeth that can worsen over time. Periodontal disease has been proven to increase the risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or “hardening of the arteries.” By properly positioning your teeth with Invisalign, it is easier to brush and floss your teeth which reduces the the retention of plaque, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

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